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     Awen Environments

                                                inspirational living arts

Holistic Arts/Design for Home or Business 

"A sacred building is a harmonic structure for the transformation of the soul. It's purpose is to remind us of our true essence and absolute connection to the universe." --Christian Kyriacou 'The House Whisperer' 

Awen Environments helps clients to create harmony, balance and empowerment in their lives by working with the subtle environmental energies existing in their landscape and combining natural, earth-based materials and healing modalities with creative methods. During consultations, clients come to understand the energy of their personal environment from a holistic perspective.  

Awen Environments assists in developing a plan to harmonize and balance your home or workspace to enhance all aspects of your life and address what's not working for you. Various techniques are may be used including the creation of vision boards, client meditations and shamanic journeying for guidance, as well as a review 

of the history of patterns held within the environment whether from predecessors or current occupants. Remedies for unhealthy home energies include ancient techniques of earth acupuncture, space clearing or simple interior re-arrangement to enhance energies of space and restore balance. Regardless of whether you need to transform one room or plan an entire house, Awen can help you visualize and create your dream home to enhance all areas of your life.

The relevance of feng shui (pronounced fung shway) principles and other healing modalities are discussed during consultation and simplified so that you can apply them to your everyday life without complicating it. The importance of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water are addressed in your choice of color, textures, furnishings and materials, as well as how they relate to you own personal energies and affinities.  

An emphasis is placed on furnishings which elevate personal energy, green materials to enhance energy conservation and reduce toxicity, and living in alignment with the Earth as a source of inspiration for creating an atmosphere that is inviting, life supporting and alluring for all who enter. The plan is always based on your individual tastes, experiences and aspirations. Let your home become your sanctuary and source of inspiration by letting Awen guide you.

Long distance consultations are made available via telephone, email, photographs, floorplans and/or other drawings. Please contact Awen Environments at 716-697-4657 or email: [email protected] to create a plan to enhance your environment today.