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     Awen Environments

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Green Inspirations

Recommended Products: Visit our online store for integrated services and products to reawaken your Spirit. Healing mineral, flower and environmental essences from the heart of Nature. Herbal cremes, salves, supplements and other products from the healing spirit of Nature. A great source of healing herbs, supplements and nutritional information. Natural products derived from white cedar trees to assist with insect imbalances on your pets and in your home. This product is a natural alternative to toxic spot treatments and other harmful pesticides. Great source of healing crystals and other minerals to create balance in your home and life. Information is provided on the healing properties and benefits attributed to each stone. Pure, organic essential oils and aromatic treasures that are therapeutic and sustainably harvested. Shungite products directly from the mine in Karelia, Russia to counter negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from WIFI, cell phones and other sources. Shungite is considered "The Stone of Life" that generates balance and supports health and vitality. Mention "Clarissa" in the coupon code and you will receive a free Circle Pendant.


The Choir of the Crickets: An inspirational musical video that shows that we are all connected in this universe, even the insects who work so hard to restore balance and raise the vibration on this planet.

Overview: An awesome movie about the "Overview Effect" experienced by five astronauts upon viewing planet Earth from space.

Flow: for Love of Water: An important and inspiring documentary about the necessity of water and the current situation around the world.

Midway: Message from the Gyre: A movie by Chris Jordan about an island in the North Pacific thousands of miles from civilization.

The Importance of Trees: A beautiful video about the significance of trees and why they deserve respect.

Gifts of Gratitude: A wonderful video of color and visuals from Nature that create feelings of gratitude for this beautiful planet.

Hopi Nation Message: Inspirational Video

The Spirit of Water: Article and meditation video on the healing

benefits of water.


Simply Color for Everyday Living: My collaboration with Diantha Harris and 24 other professionals into an exploration of the inspirational healing properties of color in everyday life. 

Planet Whispers: Wisdom from Soul Travelers around the World: My award winning collaboration with writers from around the globe describing our spiritual insights and experiences here on planet Earth. 

Other Sites: More assistance and information on geomancy, Earth energies and workshops in sacred geometry. Inspirational site filled with artwork, ideas and beautiful photography to help inspire the creative side of yourself and create gardens and spaces for the soul. More information on creating sacred space in your own home. World renown shaman and teacher Sandra Ingerman's site for personal and community shamanic transformational healing work.

More to follow....

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