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Patterns: Overcoming Ancestral Trauma

Posted on January 23, 2012 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (10)
Recently I began recognizing some patterns in my son that made me reflect on where they may have originated from.  Although my son is still very young and like most kids attracted to material things, I really began to ponder where this need to constantly shop, buy things and fill his room with stuff came from.  He also has an obsession with all things pertaining to war and combat.  These are not patterns that I admire nor wish him to continue.  A typical boy perhaps, but perhaps not
I grew up with parents who valued quality things and waited until they could afford them.  Once they had something, they took care of it and kept their belongings for a long time.  The throw away society that we live in today was not part of my upbringing.  While I greatly dislike clutter, I also have very little tolerance for waste and excessive consumerism.  As I think back to my family history, I believe there's more to my son's behavior and it may go back to his ancestors, something deeply ingrained within his genetic patterns.
Both my mother and father's parents lost everything during the war.  My grandparents on my mother's side suffered the loss of their twin sons during a bombing raid, not to mention their home and all belongings due to fire while living in Germany during WWII.  My grandparents on my father's side also lost everything; my grandmother her freedom and my grandfather his own life due to the policies of the Stalinist regime in the former Soviet Union. 
It's hard to forget that kind of loss and what it does to subsequent generations.  This world is filled with descendants of those who survived wars, famine, political atrocities and the Depression, something which I believe contributes to the excessive consumer and other negative patterns inherent in many cultures at this time.  More and more information is surfacing now about how previous memories of ancestors do in fact affect those descendants who have never experienced the trauma itself.  It may manifest itself in a variety of ways from health to emotional issues to the need to surround one's self with things.
Lately I've been focusing a great deal on familial patterns and discussed this subject in Planet Whispers: Wisdom from Soul Travelers from Around the World.  Not coincidentally, I recently finished reading some powerful information in Olga Kharitidi's book "The Master of Lucid Dreams"  which supported some of my conclusions.  In her latest book, this Russian psychiatrist discusses her shamanic experiences in the ancient city of Samarkand, the capital of Uzbekistan.  Dr. Kharitidi's shamanic teacher tells her that in order to properly heal her patients, she must begin to resolve her own pain.  He discusses the trauma that gets passed on to successive generations if it is not resolved and goes on to say "this force lives inside you and generates painful circumstances again and again."  These "spirits of trauma" are caused by "memory spaces" and created by personal experiences in childhood, as well as ancestral memories which interfere with our happiness and ability to live healthy, balanced lives. 
There was a time in my life when I had an insatiable need to buy things-- clothes, furnishings and other objects, and just fill my time with shopping whether it was at the mall or at garage sales.  It made me feel better for a while, but it never really filled the emptiness I was feeling within my life. 
It wasn't until my son was born and I was gardening intensively and had spent years working with clients to release patterns from their land, that this need went away and I began to feel more complete.  I eventually came to learn that the more patterns that I released from the homes that I lived in and worked with, the more patterns I released from my own body and DNA, essentially the memories of my soul.  I was subconsciously chosing the clients and homes that I had for a reason.
I'll never forget the time I went into a client's home to do an energetic space clearing and the entire home was filled with things up to the ceiling with very little space to walk.  It was an image similar to those episodes of the television series Hoarders.  I remember wondering what could have possibly happened to this woman to make her buy so many things and be afraid to throw anything out?  Obviously there was some major trauma this woman had experienced to reach this point, which no amount of energetic clearing could address. Years later when I revisited her home with my geomancy teacher, I came to learn that the energies inherent in the land were a large part of the problem. 
I also worked with a man whose basement was filled with loads of furnishings and objects he would never use.  When I asked why he needed to keep all these things, he admitted that he had once been extremely poor and these objects represented a kind of security blanket for him.  Both cases represent examples of memories held within the Earth which form the foundation for the properties which the homes were built upon.  The memories held within our body and more specifically within our DNA, go hand in hand with that of the land.  You cannot resolve only one situation because the two are intertwined and people will continue to seek out properties, usually subconsciously, that will manifest the patterns of trauma which are familiar to them, unless the patterns are resolved.  If the home has experienced patterns of marital problems and divorce or financial hardship, more than likely you will also experience the same while living there unless the patterns have been cleared.
Interestingly, I had read Dr. Kharitidi's  first book "Entering the Circle" almost 15 years ago in which she discussed her initiation into the realms of Siberian shamanic wisdom.  The book had a profound effect on me, although I didn't understand anything about shamanism at that time of my life nor the path I would eventually follow. The word shaman originates from the Tungusic tribe of Siberia and means "one who knows" or someone who is an intermediary between the human and spirit world.
Over the years I've worked with a variety of clients, as well as my own homes where I've witnessed reoccurring patterns both held in the landscape, as well as in peoples' lives.  I had to smile when I came across these words in Dr. Kharitidi's second book in reference to the city of Samarkand, but also having a much farther reaching message:
"This land wants to tell these stories for the people in other lands so they can obtain knowledge from them.  The psyches of ancient people need to come back to life to activate memory changes in the people living now....The traumas of people from the past continue to live in their modern-day descendants even though most of them don't have an awareness of it.  Telling their stories will help heal these ancient traumas and change something critically important in the lives of many modern people."  Excerpts from "The Master of Lucid Dreams" by Olga Kharitidi, M.D.
Memory imprints can have a powerful impact on our well-being.  If we aren't aware of and don't try to resolve these patterns, we will continue to repeat them in our lives drawing those people, those homes and those circumstances that will repeatedly remind us and reactivate those patterns of trauma within ourselves. One method of releasing these patterns is explained during Dr. Kharitidi's training, as she journeys into some of the memories of her own traumas and changes their outcome.  By doing so, she releases the guilt associated with these patterns.  The brain apparently does not know the difference between the past and more positive thoughts created in the now. In order to heal these past traumas, she works with the perception of these memories.
Being aware of and recognizing these patterns is the first step in resolving them.  There are a variety of activities such as shamanic journeying, acupuncture, visualizations and meditation which can help resolve these traumas and change our patterns.  Avoiding or ignoring these ancestral memories will only result in further frustration as the energies of the Earth continue to shift within the coming years.  The Earth is healing herself and by doing so she will also heal us, whether we're aware of it or not.  Look at your patterns, learn to understand them and find a method to release them because if you don't, they will follow you wherever you go.
"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart."  --Author Unknown.
Blessings of Awareness!
References:  Kharitidi MD, Olga, The Master of Lucid Dreams, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. 2001.
Cloud, John, Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny, Time Magazine, January 6, 2010.
2012 Copyright Awen Environments/Clarissa Harison.

Water, Our Greatest Ally

Posted on February 27, 2011 at 12:08 PM Comments comments (203)
"Be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe,
No less than the trees
And the stars.
In the confusion of life,
Keep peace in your soul."
     --- Max Ehrmann
          (excerpts from Desiderata)
Water is an element of our life that most people give little thought to, if you live in the Western world.  Nevertheless, if you live in a developing nation or are ever stranded without it, suddenly its intrinsic value and power remind you of its life giving force.  In ancient times, civilizations held rituals to honor the sacredness of water as they knew that without it, they would perish. Goddesses of the springs were called upon to bestow their blessings to ensure the waters would be kept clear and abundant.  The healing benefits of these natural, mineral rich, spring waters have long been known and used to cure a wide variety of illnesses.  It is unfortunate that we have lost much of this appreciation and understanding of the fact that water is one of our greatest allies in this life journey.
Recently, I viewed a documentary program  which discussed the concerns that several leading authorities from a variety of fields including economics, agriculture, technology, and the environment had, concerning the future of this planet.  They all agreed that the single most area of concern and need for focus, was having enough fresh, clean water to consume.  The world would, after all, cease to exist without this supply, as our bodies are comprised of more than 70% water and we can only go for a few days without it.  All life depends on this unique and often highly misunderstood element in Nature.  While most of the natural bodies of water on this Earth have been polluted to a great degree and the outlook is seemingly dire, there is a great deal that can be done to restore the integrity of these waters that surround our lives, specifically in the areas of technology, as well as actions that we as individuals can take.
Victor Schauberger was an Austrian environmentalist and visionary who developed technology in the early to mid 1900's that revolutionized what we know about water today.   His lengthy, solitary excursions into the woodlands and observations in Nature caused him to understand the very foundations for the energy and life giving force of water.  What he realized was that all of Nature works together within a complex set of relationships that we can only begin to fathom.  Water by it's very nature implies movement and only when water is allowed to stagnate and/or is exposed to negativity and contamination, does it lose its power to transform.  It is the spiraling activity, the constant pounding against and between bedrock that gives water much of its energy and life giving qualities.  When we redirect water and destroy its natural ability to travel, water becomes less potent, losing much of its vitality and resulting imbalances of Earth energies are created.
Whenever the natural energies of water have been subdued or redirected by builders, it is usually inevitable that the occupants of these homes will experience a wide range of problems.  Whether it's building on an aquifer, on wetland or filling in a stream, the owner's decision to live in such a location is a subconscious one, ultimately providing many of life's lessons as a result.  There are, however, ways to work with and mitigate the problematic energies that can ensue, if you understand Earth energies and the power of water.  In the old world where dowsing (finding Earth energies with diving rods, particularly water) and observation were common, a house would never be placed haphazardly.  In the US and other areas, regardless of the existing characteristics of a piece of land, homes have been built on innapropriate or inauspicious grounds much to the detriment of man. 
Recently I learned that in the Klamath-Siskiyuo region in Oregon which contains some of the nation's oldest trees and pristine forests, environmentalists have been instrumental in the removal of several dams that were destroying salmon spawning grounds, as well as interfering with the balance of Nature.  By allowing the free flowing power of water to do its job, this region has initiated a huge step forward in restoring the natural balance on this Earth.  Hopefully, other regions will follow.  As I heard an engineer once mention, thinking that man can control something so powerful, is a definite sign of hubris.
Just as the body has channels or meridians of energy such as the circulation of blood to and from the heart and other organs, so too the Earth has energetic grids and channels to create the smooth flow of balance within Nature.  Water is for the Earth, as blood is for the human body.  When it is clogged, as through chemical contamination or redirected such as damming of rivers and/or filling in of streams, it becomes stagnant and cannot fulfill its purpose.  Natural wetlands serve a purpose in filtering toxins and cannot be filled in without eventual dire consequences unless the land is worked with on many levels.  Disease, accidents, financial ruin, even disasters such as the Johnstown dam break can occur.  A myriad of other things can result from man's lack of respect for water.  Only the Earth knows the reasons for her many avenues of water flowing upon her body and when we interfere with these activities, problems manifest for mankind.
All that being said, there are many ways to work with the water around you to help transform and/or enhance it's life giving properties.  Some of you may be familiar with the Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto who is best known for his work with water crystals.  By exposing water to various influences such as negative thoughts and emotions, as well as positive words and music, and then freezing and viewing these water crystals, he was able to demonstrate how much water is influenced by our intentions.  The results of prayer and other positive activities directed at water were truly amazing.  Given this groundbreaking research, our ability to change polluted and stagnant water is limitless.  Water is a carrier of information-- good or bad.  It reflects whatever it comes into contact with.  Its natural crystalline matrix and ability to reflect light are made much more obvious in the form of snow, as I have always felt the healing power of snow after it has freshly fallen.  Imagine all those many fractal geometry patterns at work.
Once we acknowledge the powerful abilities of water to enhance life, we can restore our proper relationship with this amazing element, and begin to reverse much of the degradation and destruction that's been done to our environment.  It's up to us and a choice that each of us can make.  Healing the waters of the Earth is directly correlated with healing ourselves, for by its very nature, water maintains a relationship with itself within every form.  That includes your own body.  Think about it.  It's powerful.
Bountiful Blessings!
Note:  This article is dedicated to the more than 100 pilot whales that died on the beaches of New Zealand February 20-21, 2011 prior to the earthquake in Christchurch.  Although not yet published, this article was written prior to any knowledge of these tragic events.  The message is clear to me.  May they not have died in vain....
For a 2013 update on the importance of water and the current global crisis see "Flow: For Love of Water."
Copyright 2011 Awen Environments.