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Earth Energies: What is Your Home Telling You?

Posted on July 3, 2012 at 12:21 PM Comments comments (6)
Does your home speak to you?  Are the channels of energy running freely on your property?  Do you pay attention?  Land has chakras (energy centers) just like people do.  I pay attention to every subtle little nuance that takes place in my home and on the land.  Sometimes the messages are blatant, like when something breaks down or becomes clogged, but other times they are more subtle, requiring insightfulness and awareness. 
When you work with the energy of your home as I do, you begin to see the unfolding of new life on the land such as new flowers or wildlife, improvements in your health and well being or relationships with neighbors change.  Sometimes there is also an ugly phase where things surface, relationships become explosive and accidents or illnesses occur.  It's all part of the process of releasing the past, old memories, energy patterns or toxins held within the land and in your home.  Knowing why you chose your particular home is half the battle and the first step toward improving your life and the well being of all that surrounds you.
I happen to live on a property that is incredibly sensitive energetically and physically because it is affected by underground streams of water and Hartmann lines, energetic grids of energy that emanate from the Earth.  Hartmann lines occur when natural existing energies emanating from the Earth combine with electrical interferences.  These energy fields have been scientifically proven and measured.  They are also typical in urban and suburban areas.  It is said that animals and people will sense an earthquake 16 hours prior to its occurence, if their home has Hartmann lines running through it. 
It took me a while to recognize this pattern, but then it dawned on me one day that the reoccurences I was seeing in the behavior of my animals, the flowers in my gardens, and in me were being determined by this energy that ran through the land.  I would see flowers like Tradescantia (spiderwort) and Queen Anne's Lace (wild carrot) collapse suddenly for no apparent reason, my cats would become incorrigible, and I would be edgy and irritable or anxious.  Because I'm so sensitive, I knew I was feeling the shifting of energetic grids in the Earth when an earthquake occurred and eventually I was able to verify it after doing some further geomancy research.  For more information on geopathic stress, Earth energies and specifically Hartmann lines visit Richard Creightmore's research on this topic.  I found his extensive work to be supportive of many of my own conclusions, as well as supported by a wide variety of resources.
There is also the issue of the vitality of your land.  The natural geomagnetic field that exists on this planet is 7.83 hz which is necessary for all life to exist as we know it here on Earth.  When this vibration falls too low where there is little life force or too high where there is a great deal of electrical interference whether man made or naturally occuring underneath the Earth's surface, there will be signs of disturbance.  Plants, animals and people are all affected by this imbalance of energies.   They will display it in various ways whether it is through illness, weakness and irritablity, or exhaustion and depression. 
A common sign of low vitality on your land is areas where nothing will grow or trees become diseased and deformed eventually dying, contorting away from underground streams or other forms of interference.  Plants, fruits and vegetable growth will also be stunted such as berries that never reach mature size because there's not enough cosmic life force drawing them upward.
It doesn't matter where you live, the same laws prevail all around this planet.  Plants, animals and human beings will thrive where the energies are balanced and supporting of their natural systems of equilibrium.  Where it is not, you will see signs of decay, difficulty, and even disease and death because the energetic patterns are such that they support the destructive activities initiated by parasites and other micro-organisms which create the continuous process of breaking down material in order to recycle into new life.  In truth, we could not live without these microorganisms because they provide a vital service to this planet.  Would you want to live in an area that is going through a process of decomposition?  Absolutely not.  It will pull down your energy and make you susceptible to a myriad of problems.  In order to remain healthy, we all need to be in areas that are supportive of life.
The Earth needs to maintain this delicate balance between Earth energies and cosmic energies (influences from the sun, moon and planets) in order to maintain equilibrium.  Unfortunately, where man has intervened, this is often not the case.  Visionaries such as Viktor Schauberger and Rudolf Steiner discussed this delicate balance in many of their writings.  Although both passed away some time ago, we are at a crucial stage of this planet's evolution that was foretold by both of these men because Nature will always know the right way and will act accordingly to restore balance to her ecosystems and this planet.  This is evident in the increasing amount of natural disasters and Earth quakes being experienced around the globe. 
Ants and yellow jacket wasps in and around your home, for instance, are a common source of irritation for many and are an indication of geopathic stress and low earth energy.  They are vital however, because they are releasing formic acid which is necessary to all life, as well as to restore and revitalize dead soil on a landscape. Yellow dock and bull thistle plants are typically an indication of toxins in the soil.  Yellow dock is a liver cleanser if taken internally and it binds itself to harmful toxins and metals in the soil such as arsenic.  Queen Anne's Lace cleanses and aerates hard, lifeless soil and pulls nutrients from the subsoil with its long taproots.  Killing or pulling them out or using weed killers or pesticides is actually doing yourself a disservice, because you're not allowing these plants and insects to do their job.  These life forms know what they're supposed to do and that's why they're there to restore balance.
So what can one individual do to restore balance to a planet that seems more and more chaotic? You can work on your own home and/or plot of land to bring energy and vitality to your life, thereby affecting your community and the world at large. By revitalizing your land and restoring balanced systems that enhance and allow for the natural order of things to exist, you will essentially restore health and well being to your own life. Working with native and naturalized plant life and decreasing or eliminating chemical usage are a great way to start. Whatever's growing wild on your property is usually a great indication of what's lacking in soil vitality and Earth energies.
If you need help and don't know where to begin to address the myriad of problems facing you and your property, I can help identify energetic imbalances that can be corrected to help your gardens and landscape to flourish and your health and well being to improve.  Having a second set of eyes to evaluate and redirect imbalances that may be existing in your home and on your land may be all that you need to set you in the right direction.  Change begins with you and your landscape.  Why not make an investment in yourself and your long term well being?  You'll be glad you did.
Earth Blessings!
Steiner, Rudolf, Bees, Steiner Books, 1998.
Copyright 2012 Awen Environments/Clarissa Harison.

Patterns: Overcoming Ancestral Trauma

Posted on January 23, 2012 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (10)
Recently I began recognizing some patterns in my son that made me reflect on where they may have originated from.  Although my son is still very young and like most kids attracted to material things, I really began to ponder where this need to constantly shop, buy things and fill his room with stuff came from.  He also has an obsession with all things pertaining to war and combat.  These are not patterns that I admire nor wish him to continue.  A typical boy perhaps, but perhaps not
I grew up with parents who valued quality things and waited until they could afford them.  Once they had something, they took care of it and kept their belongings for a long time.  The throw away society that we live in today was not part of my upbringing.  While I greatly dislike clutter, I also have very little tolerance for waste and excessive consumerism.  As I think back to my family history, I believe there's more to my son's behavior and it may go back to his ancestors, something deeply ingrained within his genetic patterns.
Both my mother and father's parents lost everything during the war.  My grandparents on my mother's side suffered the loss of their twin sons during a bombing raid, not to mention their home and all belongings due to fire while living in Germany during WWII.  My grandparents on my father's side also lost everything; my grandmother her freedom and my grandfather his own life due to the policies of the Stalinist regime in the former Soviet Union. 
It's hard to forget that kind of loss and what it does to subsequent generations.  This world is filled with descendants of those who survived wars, famine, political atrocities and the Depression, something which I believe contributes to the excessive consumer and other negative patterns inherent in many cultures at this time.  More and more information is surfacing now about how previous memories of ancestors do in fact affect those descendants who have never experienced the trauma itself.  It may manifest itself in a variety of ways from health to emotional issues to the need to surround one's self with things.
Lately I've been focusing a great deal on familial patterns and discussed this subject in Planet Whispers: Wisdom from Soul Travelers from Around the World.  Not coincidentally, I recently finished reading some powerful information in Olga Kharitidi's book "The Master of Lucid Dreams"  which supported some of my conclusions.  In her latest book, this Russian psychiatrist discusses her shamanic experiences in the ancient city of Samarkand, the capital of Uzbekistan.  Dr. Kharitidi's shamanic teacher tells her that in order to properly heal her patients, she must begin to resolve her own pain.  He discusses the trauma that gets passed on to successive generations if it is not resolved and goes on to say "this force lives inside you and generates painful circumstances again and again."  These "spirits of trauma" are caused by "memory spaces" and created by personal experiences in childhood, as well as ancestral memories which interfere with our happiness and ability to live healthy, balanced lives. 
There was a time in my life when I had an insatiable need to buy things-- clothes, furnishings and other objects, and just fill my time with shopping whether it was at the mall or at garage sales.  It made me feel better for a while, but it never really filled the emptiness I was feeling within my life. 
It wasn't until my son was born and I was gardening intensively and had spent years working with clients to release patterns from their land, that this need went away and I began to feel more complete.  I eventually came to learn that the more patterns that I released from the homes that I lived in and worked with, the more patterns I released from my own body and DNA, essentially the memories of my soul.  I was subconsciously chosing the clients and homes that I had for a reason.
I'll never forget the time I went into a client's home to do an energetic space clearing and the entire home was filled with things up to the ceiling with very little space to walk.  It was an image similar to those episodes of the television series Hoarders.  I remember wondering what could have possibly happened to this woman to make her buy so many things and be afraid to throw anything out?  Obviously there was some major trauma this woman had experienced to reach this point, which no amount of energetic clearing could address. Years later when I revisited her home with my geomancy teacher, I came to learn that the energies inherent in the land were a large part of the problem. 
I also worked with a man whose basement was filled with loads of furnishings and objects he would never use.  When I asked why he needed to keep all these things, he admitted that he had once been extremely poor and these objects represented a kind of security blanket for him.  Both cases represent examples of memories held within the Earth which form the foundation for the properties which the homes were built upon.  The memories held within our body and more specifically within our DNA, go hand in hand with that of the land.  You cannot resolve only one situation because the two are intertwined and people will continue to seek out properties, usually subconsciously, that will manifest the patterns of trauma which are familiar to them, unless the patterns are resolved.  If the home has experienced patterns of marital problems and divorce or financial hardship, more than likely you will also experience the same while living there unless the patterns have been cleared.
Interestingly, I had read Dr. Kharitidi's  first book "Entering the Circle" almost 15 years ago in which she discussed her initiation into the realms of Siberian shamanic wisdom.  The book had a profound effect on me, although I didn't understand anything about shamanism at that time of my life nor the path I would eventually follow. The word shaman originates from the Tungusic tribe of Siberia and means "one who knows" or someone who is an intermediary between the human and spirit world.
Over the years I've worked with a variety of clients, as well as my own homes where I've witnessed reoccurring patterns both held in the landscape, as well as in peoples' lives.  I had to smile when I came across these words in Dr. Kharitidi's second book in reference to the city of Samarkand, but also having a much farther reaching message:
"This land wants to tell these stories for the people in other lands so they can obtain knowledge from them.  The psyches of ancient people need to come back to life to activate memory changes in the people living now....The traumas of people from the past continue to live in their modern-day descendants even though most of them don't have an awareness of it.  Telling their stories will help heal these ancient traumas and change something critically important in the lives of many modern people."  Excerpts from "The Master of Lucid Dreams" by Olga Kharitidi, M.D.
Memory imprints can have a powerful impact on our well-being.  If we aren't aware of and don't try to resolve these patterns, we will continue to repeat them in our lives drawing those people, those homes and those circumstances that will repeatedly remind us and reactivate those patterns of trauma within ourselves. One method of releasing these patterns is explained during Dr. Kharitidi's training, as she journeys into some of the memories of her own traumas and changes their outcome.  By doing so, she releases the guilt associated with these patterns.  The brain apparently does not know the difference between the past and more positive thoughts created in the now. In order to heal these past traumas, she works with the perception of these memories.
Being aware of and recognizing these patterns is the first step in resolving them.  There are a variety of activities such as shamanic journeying, acupuncture, visualizations and meditation which can help resolve these traumas and change our patterns.  Avoiding or ignoring these ancestral memories will only result in further frustration as the energies of the Earth continue to shift within the coming years.  The Earth is healing herself and by doing so she will also heal us, whether we're aware of it or not.  Look at your patterns, learn to understand them and find a method to release them because if you don't, they will follow you wherever you go.
"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart."  --Author Unknown.
Blessings of Awareness!
References:  Kharitidi MD, Olga, The Master of Lucid Dreams, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. 2001.
Cloud, John, Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny, Time Magazine, January 6, 2010.
2012 Copyright Awen Environments/Clarissa Harison.

Feng Shui: Is Your Home Your Ally or Your Adversary?

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (80)
Actually  your home can be both  if you understand the yin and yang of it.  An adversary can reveal your weaknesses, as well as inspire you to develop your strengths.  The reality is that all experience is neither  positive or negative.   It is just something leading you in the direction of your highest purpose, so even a seemingly negative situation can evolve into something positive on down the road if you have faith and keep an open mind.  Sometimes it's hard to see the positive in a situation, but everything that occurs in life is ultimately guiding us on another level toward where we need to be in order to align ourselves with the evolving energies and new paradigm for this Earth. 
Most people in the Western World, when they think of feng shui associate the words with some Chinese form of interior design utilizing Chinese coins, hanging crystals and three legged ceramic frogs to generate abundance, love and business success.  While I have been trained in the traditional classical approach of feng shui which employs certain Chinese symbolism or  'enhancements' such as these, and there is validity to these objects, I prefer to combine techniques and methods that I learned from a wide variety of teachers and disciplines.  Some teachers have given me certifications and some have not.   
Much of the expertise that I have  is based on a wide range of life experiences, as well as extensive research, training and client work that I have done utilizing techniques and tools from various cultures and traditions around the world.  It was this complex array of teachers (including Nature) which I had, that enabled me to understand and make sense of my life experiences, and begin to trust and rely on my own inner guidance in order to help others with their homes and properties. 
Ever since I could remember, I would rearrange my room when things felt 'stuck' or didn't feel right.   Sometimes it was only an attempt to control those things in my environment which I felt helpless to change.  It was something intuitively I felt even as a child, although I could not put a word to it.  It wasn't until many years later when I began working in the furnishings industry doing sales and interior design, that I found the word feng shui.  I was thrilled because finally I could identify what it was I had been feeling all those years.  It is unfortunate that in recent years feng shui has been given somewhat of a bad name  and become seemingly passe'  in certain circles, as a result of so many inexperienced and unqualified practitioners claiming to be experts. 
Truthfully, I often don't even like to refer to myself as a feng shui practitioner anymore for this reason and prefer to refer more to my work with Earth energies and creating healthy, balanced, inspirational environments.  In reality, it takes years to establish proficiency and a true understanding of the foundations and wisdom behind feng shui, which relates to the energy experienced within a home or space and how it helps the occupants to prosper.  This energy can enhance or detract from the health and total wellbeing of the occupants in relation to all areas of their lives. 
When I first learned of feng shui, I devoured every book that I could find on the topic and eventually sought out various teachers who could guide me to develop those innate skills which I knew that I had been born with.  While initially I began working solely with the interior of buildings, my own experiences with homes eventually led me to a deeper and greater understanding of the principles of feng shui which originated in China.  Variations of these principles were also practiced in many ancient cultures throughout the world.
The foundation for feng shui lies within the land and the underlying attributes and energies inherent in the landscape.  These energies can either support you, enhance your life and/or business, or they can create sickness, depression and a multitude of other challenges ranging from financial disaster, relationship issues, and structural problems within a building.  In essence, those aspects of yourself or the dynamics of a business, which need to be healed, will be reflected in the landscape and the buildings that you choose.  
Throughout my career, I have worked with the energy of homes ranging from tiny apartments to historic homes within Buffalo, NYand other parts of the US and Europe, as well as various businesses  including a 38,000 sq ft former armory originally built on quicksand, which was eventually restored into a beautiful events center.  This castle, as it was later called, had a history and beginnings which were quite unusual, as well as energetically challenging.  Unfortunately, my work was never completed there, but that's all part of the energy matrix of buildings and their owners.  Everything happens for a reason, at it's appropriate time, and under the right circumstances.
Among my projects have been clients whose homes and properties were originally part of huge estates and carried with them the energies of the former histories and legacies of a bygone era.  Many owners and occupants experienced tremendous difficulties despite the beauty of these historic buildings and landscapes.  Some were even sites of paranormal activities.  Each client taught me more about the unique energies of the Buffalo-Niagara Region of New York and the tremendous power of the natural energies that exist in this landscape, as well as the layers of energetic imprints that are held here including years of contamination from nuclear and other manufacturing facilities.   All of these things comprise the Spirit of Place of a specific location on Earth and contribute to the wellbeing (or lack thereof) of its inhabitants.
I think I should also mention that you might consider me a survivor because my learning didn't stop with my training and clients.  My own life gave me such a wealth of information that continues to this day to contribute to the foundation of knowledge and experience that I hold.  I've lived in a wide range of homes throughout my lifetime and each of them have caused me to develop a greater understanding of this concept of feng shui and our relationship to the homes and land we dwell upon.  Since returning to the WNY region in 1993, I have experienced some of the most overwhelming  challenges which I believe largely stemmed from the imbalances existing within the land of the homes that I inhabited.  
Now did I choose these challenges?  Well probably yes-- at a soul level because they coincided with my eventual work, but certainly not at a conscious level.  I was drawn to these particular homes because I liked how they looked aesthetically and/or I was drawn to their corresponding landscapes.  Little did I know what I would experience, once I moved in, but it has been these experiences which have enabled me to help others in similar situations.
It's often easy to teach something you've read about, write a book about something you've researched or even consult on something you've been trained to do, but when you truly have experienced the challenges of the people you are helping, only then, in my opinion, can you truly have compassion and understanding of the situation.  There is an old saying which goes "You teach that which you need to learn."  I can't tell you how appropriate I have found this saying to be, not only with regard to the challenges within my own life, but also with regard to the supposed 'authorities' I have come into contact with throughout the years. 
Unfortunately, there are some who give feng shui and other energy practices  a bad image.  In this time of joblessness and economic challenge, there will be many who become part of the New Age movement and profess to be practitioners or authorities on a wide range of healing, metaphysical and alternative topics, but beware of those who are truly only motivated by profit and/or ego and sometimes trying to take advantage of those who are desperate.  They may know how to say the right things and often market themselves very well.  Sadly, inexperienced practitioners can often create more harm than good for their clients, not to mention taking your well earned money.  
In Native American and other ancient cultures, it was believed that medicine people, seers or other intuitives were not to accept payment for their gifts, as this would corrupt their  abilities, as well as their motivations.  I can certainly understand the foundations for this thought and the reasoning behind it.  Nevertheless, we live amidst different times.   I believe we must now somehow learn to integrate these special abilities that many of us have in such a way that it is for the greater good of humanity.   We need to share our knowledge and  expertise doing what we are passionate about, in order to align ourselves with our true purpose here on Earth and help others do the same within their own lives.
Truly there are many very gifted individuals out there who offer a wide range of alternative healing/energy modalities to help guide you through the personal, health and professional transitions taking place right now.  Trust yourself and your own inner guidance.  Talk to friends, neighbors and colleagues.  Get referrals and then know that you are being guided to exactly the right person who can assist you in creating a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life pursuing your passions.  And remember
"Home is where the story begins."
                  ---- Annie Danielson
Abundant Blessings!
A note to all my overseas Readers:  If you are in need of assistance, please know that I am able to do consultations via email, photographs and drawings of your landscape.  Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and this entire planet.
Copyright 2011 Awen Environments.

The Messages Are Everywhere

Posted on January 28, 2011 at 8:09 PM Comments comments (0)
One of the great things about being the mother of an 8 year old at this point in time, is you get to go to all the great movies that are out there for children today like AvatarLord of the RingsThe Last Airbender  and Percy Jackson,  to name a few.  Truthfully, I enjoy them and highly recommend getting the DVDs, if you haven't already done so.  Do not underestimate the hidden messages in all of these stories for they are there to guide the children, as well as us.  These movies are rich in symbolism, if only we pay attention.  The common theme is always about truth, honor, trusting your instincts and the triumph of good over deception and those who seek only power and control. 
In the latest Percy Jackson, Percy faces his fears and overcomes the evil Medusa who stood in his way of recovering Zeus' thunderbolt.  Not accomplishing this feat would cause chaos and war among the gods.  Despite the danger that Medusa represents, her head would later become a source of power and a shield enabling Percy and his friends to overcome yet another foe and eventually accomplish their task of restoring peace. 
In The Last Airbender  the avatar Aang, who represents the spirit of the planet in human form, must restore balance among the four nations.  To do this, he must master the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  He has been taught to work with air--the mental realm, breath and life force, but now he must learn how to work with the powerful element of water which represents our emotions, communication and the flow of all life.  Only by  accepting this task and his Divine responsibilities, as well as recognizing and healing the pain from the loss of friends and his teacher, can he hope to conquer the powerful element of water, as well as fulfill his destiny.
There's a great message in these stories in that adversity or challenges can later give us the information and wisdom that we need to overcome other obstacles in our lives.  I think it's important to remember this as we are faced with increasing challenges around our health, our life's work and our relationships to others, as well as to this planet.  How do we live in alignment with our innermost yearnings and desires to create a new future for ourselves, our children and this planet?  How do we use our gifts to create a new paradigm based on cooperation, authenticity and pursuing our passions in life?
There are patterns and cycles within our own lives that reflect the lessons that we need to learn and overcome in order to live creative, joyful, balanced lives.  Learning to recognize these patterns is the first step toward overcoming them.  The messages are all around us whether in the homes and landscapes that we choose, the deaths of wildlife, the health of our water and trees, and the people that keep coming into our lives.  What are you drawn to?  Are you drawn to healthy circumstances, abundance and joy, or are you drawn to hardship, lack, stress and conflict?  There is always a reason and the choice is yours, but you will get the message.  Trust me...
"God sleeps in the rocks,   Stirs in the  plants,  Dreams in the animals and  Finally awakens in man."          --a famous Vedic quote
There is a Divine presence that flows within all inextricably linking everyone of us to all that is.  Within Nature all beings have a purpose and we are not separate from or above that purpose, though we often think that we are.  A flower does not question what it should be, nor does an eagle.  Man is the only one who questions his purpose and often does not live in alignment with his true feelings and instincts, nor within the laws of Nature. 
Within Nature there are signs, patterns and cycles-- rhythms that tell animals, plants and birds how to respond and what to do in every given situation.  Plants, trees and insects communicate to one another via unseen realms of internal communication networks.  Animals have been shown to demonstrate prior knowledge when a natural disaster is about to occur.  Nature always pays attention to the information presented, for not doing so means not surviving. 
Many may have heard of the recent wildlife anomalies that occurred with masses of birds, fish and other sea creatures dying within a one week time frame throughout the world.  While the USDA has taken responsibility for poisoning some of these birds, the other events remain unexplained.  I find it hard to believe in coincidence when mass animal deaths occur in 30 places around the world-- all within a 7 day timespan.   I believe that these animals acted as messengers to reflect the condition of the planet and the changes that are occurring.  Ancient native cultures prophesied about events which would change the ways of man and bring about a renewal of life on Earth.  Much has come to pass.  We are in the midst of these times and we need to pay attention to what the environment and our own lives are telling us.
Blessings of Wisdom!
Copyright 2011 Awen Environments

What Are You Investing Your Energy In?

Posted on January 19, 2011 at 4:21 PM Comments comments (4)
The other day I was rearranging my living room trying to get things to look and feel right.  I'm embarassed to admit, it took me a long time and the room sat in disarray for a couple of days until suddenly it all made sense to me.  I quickly put things in place and the room felt new, comfortable, and inviting.   I knew it would support my energy and intentions for the coming months.  
Life can be like that sometimes. You can look at room or a problem day in and day out and not find the answer or 'see' what needs to be done-- or even see that something is wrong, for that matter.  Then suddenly it clicks and the answer lies before you-- the door opens so to speak or you finally realize something just isn't right anymore. 
Albert Einstein has been quoted with saying that problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.  Those words are very apt for these times.  The world is rapidly changing as technology is increasing daily, the Earth is going through a cleansing and rebirthing process, countries and economies are reorganizing, and our own lives are filling with constant challenges.  Life as we once knew it is ceasing to exist in many ways-- but it's all good.  This Earth simply cannot sustain the ways and means of our past indiscretions nor can we continue to live the way that we have lived.
Take a look around you and see what you're investing your time, money and energy in.  Do you have objects, clothing or artwork that support your intentions or  bring you down?  Do you spend time with people who zap your energy or do they support you when you need it?  All is vibration whether or not we can physically touch or see it-- even our thoughts.  Quantum physics has proven that.  A home is imbued with the energy and thoughts of the architect or builder who created it.  Paintings hold the intention and energies of the artist.  Furnishings hold the memory and vibrations of the trees they originated from and also the craftsman who built them.  Food holds the vibrations and patterns of the farmer and the soil it was grown in or the experiences of the animal who gave of itself.   Knowing that, think about what you have around you.
Are you supporting businesses that produce high vibration foods or goods, or is your home surrounded with processed foods and throw away, lesser quality items made with little integrity or love?  Do the objects, colors, and clothes that you surround yourself with remind you of happy times or  things that you would rather forget?  Does what you eat make you feel good?   Whether you've paid a little or alot for your possesions, they should resonate with who you are and bring you joy.  Even an item originating from lesser than noble beginnings can be raised in vibration if you care for or admire it, or find it useful. How does your  home make you feel?  Does it inspire and revitalize you?  It should. 
I highly recommend that you take an inventory of your surroundings and really think about what you're living with and investing your energy and emotions in.  Are you feeling stuck in your circumstances-- perhaps your workspace or office is cluttered?  Are you feeling unclear as to your direction in life?  Do you have blank walls because your home is temporary and you just haven't had the time to hang a picture?  Take the time to create a home base that is nurturing and supportive of your intentions because you'll be amazed how quickly opportunities can open up, your spirit will lift or a problem can be solved.  Your home is a metaphor for your life and the thought patterns you hold within you.  Your answers lie within those areas where you struggle.  What's your story?  Or better said-- what would you like it to be?  Your home can help you.  Invest in the future by supporting local and/or family owned businesses that create products with authenticity and integrity-- businesses that are doing what they love.  You'll be investing not only in your own well being, but that of the planet.
Dare to eliminate all that from your life which no longer serves you in order to allow new energies and opportunities to manifest.  Today I leave you with this great quote by Guillaume Apollinaire:
                        "Come to the edge.
                          We can't.  We're afraid.
                          Come to the edge.
                           We can't.  We will fall!
                           Come to the edge.
                           And they came.
                           And he pushed them.
                           And they flew."
Blessings of Inspiration!
Copyright 2011 Awen Environments