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     Awen Environments

                                                inspirational living arts

About Clarissa

Inspired by her experiences with animals and nature, Clarissa Harison follows an intuitive-based approach toward holistic living. She combines her innate sensibilities of subtle environmental energies with ancient healing arts to initiate harmony, balance and empowerment for others. The focus of Awen Environments is on developing awareness of our relationship to our home environment, as well as to this planet, and learning how to work with the location we've chosen to live in.

A Western New York native, Clarissa is an accomplished writer, design and organizing professional, as well as environmental intuitive/healthy home coach who consults with businesses and individuals on how to improve their health and well being via their indoor and outdoor landscapes. She has worked in the furnishings industry, for various international corporations, as well as a foreign embassy. Clarissa has helped to organize corporate offices, small businesses and private homes, as well as furnishings showrooms and an events center. She is fluent in German and Spanish.

Clarissa combines design expertise and intuitive abilities with geomancy and shamanic techniques acquired through a lifetime of learning as well as studying with internationally recognized masters of the realm of energy including French geomancer Dominique Susani, respected for his skills in the art of energetic harmonization of houses, buildings and environments, writer and lecturer Denise Linn, renowned for her expertise in space clearing and feng shui, and Sandra Ingerman, known for her modern day shamanic teachings and writings.  

A shamanic practitioner, herbalist and sustainable gardener, as well as wildlife rehabilitator, Clarissa's knowledge includes a wide range of alternative healing modalities including homeopathy, flower and mineral therapies and herbs. Her certifications include Interior Alignment Professional, Feng Shui Professional, Complete Creative Process for Creating Gardens, Homes & Workplaces for the Soul Professional and she holds a BA in International Studies from SUNYAB, as well as licensing from New York State as a wildlife rehabilitator. She has completed shamanic dreamwork interpretation with Robert Moss, embodied shamanic work with Michael Stone and is currently deepening her shamanic practice with anthropologist Hank Wesselman.

To schedule a home or business consultation, please call 716-697-4657 or inquire via email: [email protected]. International and long distance consultations are available.

Read the Author Interview for Clarissa's collaboration in Planet Whispers: Wisdom from Soul Travelers from Around the World , the Award Winning Finalist for Best Anthology Non-Fiction, USA Book News, National Best Books Awards 2012.